About Us

Founder ~ Angie Kozin

Angie brings over 7 years of furniture & mattress industry experience to KozyHome. Angie understands and served as a local iDealFurnitire Broker and also served as Vice President of a large custom furniture chain in Las Vegas. Prior to the furniture business, Angie served as the Office Manager of a prestigious, New York Dental practice for 15+ years and brings that organizational experience and leadership to KozyHome. She is a world class furniture designer, and an expert at showroom layout strategies. Angie also brings to KozyHome humor, organization, professionalism and that Team Player mentality.

Chief Executive Officer ~ Cynthia Frey

Cynthia started design career in 1999 and earned a degree in Interior Design.

She’s worked with several national and custom home builders in Las Vegas and Albuquerque and has designed hundreds of interiors for new home buyers including multi-million dollar custom homes and new home builder model homes.

Cynthia has had the opportunity to work at several furniture and home décor stores including Z Gallerie, Basset Furniture and La-Z-Boy

She also has a love for dogs, specifically Shar-Pei. Help with Shar-pei rescue and fostering with Pei-people rescue.

President ~ Kyle L. B. Morey

Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and a graduate of Indiana University, Kyle spent two years in France on a mission for his church. That was a true test of faith since he barely spoke the language when he arrived in that country. Not only did Kyle make it through the entire two years, he returned to become both an entrepreneur and double CEO (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Enthusiasm Officer) in the non-profit industry. Wherever he has been, Kyle made his mark, always leaving places better than he found them and consistently breaking records for success.

Simultaneous with his full-time work as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Kyle is a volunteer ordained minister in his church and he traditionally dedicates at least 20 hours a week in service. He generally rises around 5:30 am and follows a rigorous schedule of devotional practices that continually awaken him to the eternal presence of the Spirit.

Kyle and his wife, Denielle, are the parents of 5 wonderful children to whom they are devoted. As of this writing, the Moreys are on a three-year mission/adventure as wandering worldschoolers, happy house sitters, and venturesome volunteers. Another exercise in faith, they ask God where to dwell temporarily, then they roll up their sleeves to work, serve, speak at meetings and gatherings, and, of course, present Kyle’s books.

Admin Assistant ~ Jo-Jo Bellave

Jojo has been in the service industry for years developing her natural people skills. She is the liaison between the KozyHome dealers and the manufacturers. No issue too big or too small….she has you covered. Jo-Jo has a keen eye for interior design and can assist KozyHome Dealers maximize their earning potential.

Jojo is a spiritual mentor enhancing folks’ lives in all corners across the world. She resides in Oxnard, California with her husband John.

Director of National Expansion
~ John Bellave

John has assembled a seasoned and passionate management team that has the best interest of the Company’s distributors, dealers and mfg representatives in mind.

Among the list of Bellave’s accomplishments and holding several global leadership positions, he’s had a big hand in the development and launch of the KozyHome. It’s no accident that Bellave and his team are focused on American Made products. Bellave said “We’re firm believers in keeping production within the United States and supporting the local economy in every city across the county”.

John’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership help drive the vision of KozyHome. A dynamic speaker, he is well respected in the relationship marketing industry and is considered by many, to be one of the most effective trainers and motivators in the Industry. John’s experience, passion and vision will allow for future expansion into some of the strongest markets in the world.

He resides in Oxnard, California with his wife JoJo.

Director of Inspiration
~ Kozy Cat

Born and raised in the bungalows of the Kozins’, Kozy is quoted as saying, “Keep a Paw-sitive, Meow-nificent Cat-itude. Meow, ya’ll have a Mice and Cat-tastic day! meow”.