Run a Fun, Profitable
Furniture Business Rent-Free!

Meet Angie, CEO of America’s fastest-growing home furnishings and home staging company. Angie did something amazing. She mixed the ingredients of furniture, real estate, and the freedom of working remotely to create the perfect recipe she affectionately calls KozyHome (Kozy is the family cat).

See Angie’s Story Here:

Now you can run your own KozyHome with low or no rent by following Angie’s simply sweet recipe: Share. Stage. Save. Repeat.

Angie’s system teaches you a variety ways to share your wholesale access to a variety of KozyHome decor items. For example, items such as wall art, comfortable mattresses, massage chairs and other furniture for the whole family—even the pets—can all be shared and sold successfully over social media. She also instructs you on how to create a referral-based system of FurnitureBROKERS, Realtors, stagers, interior decorators, and others who will help your business succeed as you help them succeed.

Angie mentors you on how to help realtors, real estate investors, and homeowners sell or rent their properties faster and for more money. She shows you how to stage properties with celebrity-branded, factory-priced furniture and wall art. And if you don’t have an eye for design, or brauns for moving furniture, she trains you on how to become a wholesale provider to those who do.

Angie has perfected the art of saving her customers and herself money. She coaches you on how to run your business rent-free, employee-free, and overhead-free. The more you save, the more you make. The more you make, the more you can help others save.

Angie knows that to perfect a recipe: repeat it over and over again until you perfect it. Thankfully, you’ll know the KozyHome recipe before you start cooking!

If you’re looking for a fun business with low-to-no overhead, multiple avenues of revenue, ongoing mentoring & training, a ridiculously low entry price, and the ability to be run it from anywhere in the nation—including your kitchen nook—then fill out the form and let’s chat!